Biography Nexo Shape:

Nexo Shape is inspired by the sound of the Eighties combined with more recent bands such as Editors and Interpol.

The lads take space for experiments within the boundaries  of Indie Rock and Wave. The first albums were Guitar based but on the 4th album Moscow the Synthesizer will play a leading part.

The band is established in the summer of 2012. Early 2013 the first album was released, soon followed by shows in Holland and abroad as well as on a variety of radiostations such as 3FM.

Nexo Shape:

Adrian Kraft: Vocals, Guitars and Synths

Boogie: bass and backing Vocals

Niels : Drums



Commitment (Album), February 2013

Trees (Single), October 2014

Electric Sky (Album), January 2015

Beautiful (Single), March 2015

Brick By Brick (Album), May 2015

Brick By Brick (Single), June 2015

Incredible (Single), July 2015

Twisted Reality (Single), March 2016

Moscow (Album), March 2016